A global online sales platform to connect companies and commission only sales agents
UPDATE: Please head over to www.commissioncrowd.com where our official launch will now take place

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Introducing CommissionCrowd

“The way you plan on bringing both companies and freelance sales people together in such a united and structured way is visionary”

Keith Crispin, Sales Agent

“I am a sales agent with hundreds of contacts in the retail and online gift industry. I can’t wait for the launch of CommissionCrowd and in particular the lead marketplace!”

Ann, Sales Agent

“It seems that you are looking to provide a great service that has actually been severely lacking in recent years, so hats off to you!”

Ben Georget, Bespoke Arcades (Director)

“You guys are on to something big with this! As a freelance sales agent I am always looking to expand my portfolio”

UK Business Forums member
Company Features

♦  Publish your Opportunities
♦  Manage agent applications
♦  Search global database of professional independent sales agents

Training & Compliance

♦  Manage your agent take-on process
♦  Set/track training milestones
♦  Host training and sales documents
♦  Manage contracts, NDA’s etc.

Manage Agents

♦  Company Dashboard
♦  Monitor leads, agent activity and sales
♦  Assign/Re-assign leads across the team
♦  Communicate with all agents
♦  Schedule meetings
♦  Sales and Agent Reporting
♦  Pay commissions
♦  Team Leaderboards

Sales Agent Features

♦  Find great new opportunities
♦  Build your sales portfolio
♦  Learn quickly and efficiently
through structured in-opportunity
training programs
♦  Stay connected at all times

Earn More Money

♦  Earn overrides on agents in your network
♦  Get paid from within the system
♦  Earn referral fees from companies/principals
♦  Share commissions on joint deals within your network
♦  Get more leads from within the community

Business Management

♦  Manage expenses
♦  Time spent
♦  Contacts
♦  Meetings
♦  Emails
♦  Opportunities
♦  Reporting

A little more about us
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Who are we?

We are a team of passionate sales experts and software solution developers that share one common goal. That goal is to dramatically  improve the commission only sales industry and create a system that will not only facilitate quality connections between professional self employed sales agents and great companies, but provide solutions to ensure working relationships are highly managed and profitable for both parties.


What Is The CommissionCrowd Sales Platform?

CommissionCrowd is a revolutionary new ‘all in one’ sales solutions platform that enables both self employed sales agents and companies to connect and manage their working relationships efficiently. Although highly complex and powerful, CommissionCrowd will be simple to use, effective and beautifully designed.


Are We Live Yet?

We are currently in development and are working around the clock to launch as soon as possible. If you enter your details in the form above we will notify you as soon as we are live. Subscribers will be first to be invited to use the CommissionCrowd sales platform to make quality connections prior to us launching to the public.


How Can I be Notified At Launch?

If you would like to be notified as soon as we launch (plus a once weekly update on our progress) simply scroll to the top of this page and enter your Email address. 


Are We A Global Sales Platform Or UK Only?

We are launching with full global capabilities and in no way are we restricted to the UK market only.


How Many Sales Agents And Companies Do You Have On Your Database To Date?

Interest around CommissionCrowd has been exceptionally high and we are truly delighted and thankful for all of the support and encouragement we have received even prior to launch. To date over 500 companies and many more professional self employed sales agents have signed up to be notified as soon as we launch.


Can We Start Making Connections Early?

This is probably the most frequently asked question we receive on a daily basis. The answer unfortunately is no. CommissionCrowd is not a simple job posting website and it takes more than an introductory service to ensure that a remote/outsourced working relationship is sustainable, efficient and profitable. This is the reason we are developing a complete solution to ensure that any working relationship that is formed through CommissionCrowd is as successful as it possibly can be.


Why Should I sign Up Now And Not Just Check Back Later? 

A good question and of course you are free to do so if you wish. However, those who sign up to be notified at launch will be invited to start testing the system and making connections before we officially launch to the public. So, to be first to put your company in front of our freelance sales agents you should get in right at the start.

We also send out one (yes only one) Email to you per week just to keep you up-to-date with our progress.


What Happens With My Email Address If I sign Up?

A great question and security is something we take very seriously. Please let us assure you that your details are completely safe with us. All we use your Email address for is to send you our once weekly (usually on a Thursday) Email update and nothing else. Our relationship with our subscribers is extremely important to us and we will never discredit our brand by passing your details on to any 3rd party. 


Who Are Commission Only Sales Jobs Suitable For?

Commission only sales jobs are opportunities within a company for sales agents that work on a self employed basis. They present  independent sales reps with an opportunity to sell goods and services that might be a good fit into the agents existing network of contacts.


What Is A Commission Only Sales Agent? 

A commission only sales agent is essentially a sales person that works on a self employed basis as opposed to being tied into a company as a paid employee. They work independently, usually remotely from a home based office and can also choose their own hours of work. 

Although working on a commission only basis, the ultimate goal of this type of sales agent is to build a portfolio of companies they work with. 


What Sets A Commission Only Sales Agent Apart From An Employee?

Commission only sales agents are usually experienced sales professionals that have spent a long time selling within a particular industry. They now wish to work for themselves and usually have a network of contacts within their industry that can be utilised should an opportunity arise. However, this is not always the case and there are many talented sales agents with less experience becoming self employed due to entrepreneurial spirit.


For a more comprehensive list of frequently asked questions please click on the link below:

frequently asked questions

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